More energy for the things you love.

NZ Fulvic is a holistic recharge tonic that reinvigorates your body and delivers a natural energy, health and immunity boost to give you that little bit extra.

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Why NZ Fulvic Acid Supplement?

“I’ve noticed a significant boost in energy in just a couple of weeks. I now wake earlier and refreshed, with more drive and energy throughout the day. My only dietary change was adding NZ Fulvic supplement.”

Robert Jacob – New Zealand

What is NZ Fulvic?

Fulvic acid is a natural ingredient that has been used as a health tonic supplement in traditional medicine for many years. Taken daily, it recharges your cells through nutrient absorption, to energise your body.

We extract fulvic acid from a mineral-rich seam deep within Aotearoa New Zealand, one of the world’s purest forms. We then carefully blend it with mineral water to bring you a clear, refreshing tonic that’s vegan and keto friendly, sugar free, and 100% natural.


NZ Fulvic supplement recharges and reinvigorates, delivering a natural energy hit that gives your body that little bit extra.


Unique bio-absorption properties support your gut health, aiding your body’s access to essential nutrients and minerals.


Taken daily, NZ Fulvic supports a healthy immune system, and your body’s natural resistance to stress.

After a few months of using NZ Fulvic I want to share my observations about this amazing product.

The fulvic helps me feel more hydrated, have more energy while training and recover faster. But mostly and more importantly, the fulvic has improved absorption of minerals in my body, a problem I have been facing for the last few years.

I truly recommend this product!!!

Noa Harari – Clinical Nutritionist

(BSC Nutrition, ND Naturopathy, Medical Herbalist)


The NZ Fulvic story is one of dedication to good health and well-being.

Our pure fulvic acid health tonic supplement is a first for New Zealand, and has already changed the lives of many. Through pioneering research with scientists, food technologists and universities we’ve been on a journey to understand the benefits of our country’s natural fulvic and unlock its human health potential.

At the forefront, Aamir Mirza PhD (Pharmaceutics), an expert in bioavailability, nanotechnology, humic substance, regulatory affairs; and Richard Lamar PhD (forest soils), an expert in humic and fulvic acids, have helped us produce and perfect our range of tonics. Today we continue to refine our extraction and blending processes and remain focused on leading the way in exploring fulvic’s potential to improve life quality.

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Together, we all share one common purpose: to bring the life-changing benefits of NZ Fulvic to even more people.



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