A daily dose of 100% natural fulvic acid will boost energy, restore immunity and have you living life at your best.

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This naturally refreshing tonic blends 100% NZ Fulvic with pure mineral water to support nutrient absorption, a healthy immune system and gut health. Enjoy daily with your favourite smoothie or cold drink for daily well-being and balance. NZ Fulvic is extracted from a mineral-rich seam deep within New Zealand, one of the world’s purest forms.

NZ Fulvic is Gluten free, non GMO, sugar free, vegan & keto friendly and of course… 100% natural.


Daily dosage (adults):

  • Each bottle lasts is 500ml and lasts up to 25 days.
  • Take 20mL (1 1/2 Tbsp) daily as a single serve in the morning or afternoon.
  • Add to water, juice or your favourite smoothie.

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Customer Testimonial

“I’ve noticed a significant boost in energy in just a couple of weeks. I now wake earlier and refreshed, with more drive and energy throughout the day. My only dietary change was adding NZ Fulvic.”

Robert Jacob – New Zealand

More NZ Fulvic Testimonials

“NZ Fulvic has helped with my energy levels and sleeping. Because of this I am less dependent on coffee. I am more alert, I am able to focus better. My NZ Fulvic is down to the last few shots. So I’ll be getting another set soon!”


“We were lucky enough to try NZ Fulvic for the past 10 weeks and are thrilled at the results. It’s detoxifying, speeds up metabolism and aids the absorption of essential nutrients.”


“After my fourth bout of mycoplasma, my immunity system was wiped and I was getting sick every two weeks. When a friend recommended I try NZ Fulvic to help rebuild my immunity system, I was willing to try anything! Fast forward 5 months and I am proud to say I have been fighting fit since my first Fulvic shot.”