Vegan-Friendly Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Stave off sore throats and sickness with these vegan immune boosters.

It can be difficult to ensure your body is receiving the right vitamins and minerals. Particularly if you’re on a vegan diet. If you’re not careful, certain deficiencies can leave your immune system more susceptible to general unwellness.

Supporting your immune system will keep you fighting fit. If you’re on a vegan diet and would like to ensure your body is getting everything it needs, try supplementing your diet with some of these foods, such as:

1. Blueberries

The common blueberry is easily sourced, and rich in essential antioxidants like bioflavonoids. They help support healthy cells to fight against common colds and respiratory infections.

2. Kiwifruit

This Kiwi favourite is high in potassium, folate, and vitamins C and K. Easily absorbed, vitamin C boosts white blood cells within the body to help fight infection and improve the function of the immune system.

3. Dark Chocolate

Cocoa within dark chocolate contains provides a high concentration of vegan-friendly antioxidants. These antioxidants help support your body and protect it from free radicals.


4. Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds such as almonds, brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds provide a high source of vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc. These play an important part in regulating and maintaining healthy immune function, while assisting in the fight against free radicals that can cause cell damage.

5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms help support the body against infection, colds and the flu thanks to their antibacterial and antiviral qualities. They can also help to reduce inflammation caused by some immune responses.


Supplement your vegan lifestyle with a natural tonic

Adding certain foods to your diet is a great place to start, but they can only do so much when your body is under constant attack from harmful chemicals found in many of today’s foods and even everyday cleaners that lower your body’s immunity.

Supplementing with a daily dose of vegan-friendly fulvic acid can help remove these trace metals from your body, improving the uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so you’re left feeling stronger, healthier, and full of energy.

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