Recharge with the natural energy boosting supplement. 

The stresses of modern life leave limited time to truly recharge. NZ Fulvic acid helps to boost energy and reinvigorate your body with essential minerals so you feel hydrated, energised, and recover faster.

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“I’ve noticed a significant boost in energy in just a couple of weeks. I now wake earlier and refreshed, with more drive and energy throughout the day. My only dietary change was adding NZ Fulvic.”

Robert Jacob – New Zealand

How does NZ Fulvic help boost your energy?

All work, no rest, and a lack of vital nutrients found in many of today’s foods can leave you feeling deflated and tired. A single, daily serve of NZ Fulvic replenishes your body and aids in the absorption of crucial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so your body works smarter, not harder.

In as little as 2 weeks, NZ Fulvic provides that boost your body needs. The sugar free, vegan friendly formulation supports better exercise recovery, improved endurance, and an overall increase in energy levels so you have more energy for the things you love.


NZ Fulvic recharges and reinvigorates, delivering a natural energy hit that gives your body that little bit extra.


Unique bio-absorption properties support your gut health, aiding your body’s access to essential nutrients and minerals.


Taken daily, NZ Fulvic supports a healthy immune system, and your body’s natural resistance to stress.

NZ Fulvic Testimonials

Since I got the NZ Fulvic, my schedule has been hectic, juggling both work and my own training. NZ Fulvic has helped with my energy levels and recovery sleeps. And because of that I am less dependent on coffee.

I am more alert, I am able to focus and train better.

My NZ Fulvic is down to the last few shots. So I'll be getting another set soon!

Pen A Muhaimin

I have been taking NZ Fulvic for 9 months. As a single parent with 2 boys, 4 years and 18 months old, plus a full time demanding job, NZ Fulvic is my daily little shot of rejuvenation.

It’s incredible how one shot has the ability to make one feel so revitalized. Mind and body.

I just wish I had discovered NZ Fulvic earlier!


I rarely talk about products but I just LOVE NZ Fulvic, other than magnesium this is the only other supplement I take.

Those who know me well know I never work less than 12 hour days most weeks. Add on top of that 4 children, 2 dogs it's never ending.

I'm full of energy since I started taking Fulvic, I'm killing my workouts and I feel like I can take on the world!