Effective Ways To Boost Your Immunity, Naturally

Support your immune system with these simple & healthy lifestyle choices.

If you’re constantly struggling through colds, sore throats, and generally feeling unwell, there’s a chance your immune system may not be performing at its best. Without proper support, you’ll spend many more days sniffling on the couch.

A strong immune system can help you stave off colds and infections. By making a few simple changes, you can start giving your immunity the boost it needs. So try:

1. Improve Your Diet

Incorporating citrus fruits, poultry, and sunflower seeds into your diet can help boost your levels of vitamin C, B6, and E, which work to increase white blood cells within the body. These help to fight off infections and free radicals, as well as assist in producing new, healthy red blood cells.

2. Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is a great way to promote overall health and help the body gear up to fight off infections. Getting up and active helps to assist cells within the body to flow freely and move throughout the immune system efficiently.

3. Minimise Stress

Stress has been shown to increase the chances of colds and flu due to the suppressant effects it has on the immune system. To minimise the impact of stress try focussing on your breathing, meditation, mindfulness, or progressive muscle relaxation.


4. Aim For 7 – 9 Hours Of Sleep

A well-rested, 7-9 hours of sleep has been shown to reduce stress levels within the body, improve immunity, and reduce vulnerability to colds, illness and disease. In order to achieve a well-rested sleep, try meditation, working out, or slowing down so you are more relaxed before bed.

5. Quit Smoking

Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs, it also leaves you more susceptible to respiratory tract infections and a poorer quality of life. Quitting smoking is a vital step in boosting your immunity and getting your health back on track.


Supplement your immune system and keep your body fighting fit.

Improving your overall health and wellbeing via dietary and lifestyle choices is a great place to start, but it can be difficult when you’re short of time or eating foods grown using chemicals that limit their effectiveness.

Supplementing with a daily dose of fulvic acid is a quick and easy way to help remove trace metals from your body, and improve the uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so you’re left feeling stronger, healthier, and full of energy.

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