Feel better with the natural immune support supplement

Your body is under attack from toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. NZ Fulvic acid provides a natural solution that aids your immune system and its natural resistance to stress, colds, and general unwellness.

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“I saw immediate benefits. I can’t say how many times that I’m on the brink of getting sick and NZ Fulvic would come to the rescue. I’d double dose for a couple of days & symptoms of cold/flu would disappear. Really amazing!”

Milette – New Zealand

How does NZ Fulvic help build immunity?

Processed foods, fertilisers, as well as everyday cleaners contain harmful chemicals that lowers your body’s immunity, leaving it susceptible to disease, aging, and the common cold. Known as a Chelator, Fulvic Acid helps to remove these trace heavy metals so your body is better able to fight off infection.

A single, daily serve of NZ Fulvic delivers the Fulvic your body’s cells require in a 100% natural, vegan friendly formula that makes them more permeable for the improved uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. A healthy cell is a stronger cell, boosting your immunity, and leaving you feeling stronger, healthier, and full of energy.


NZ Fulvic recharges and reinvigorates, delivering a natural energy hit that gives your body that little bit extra.


Unique bio-absorption properties support your gut health, aiding your body’s access to essential nutrients and minerals.


Taken daily, NZ Fulvic supports a healthy immune system, and your body’s natural resistance to stress.

NZ Fulvic Testimonials

After my fourth bout of mycoplasma, my immunity system was wiped and I was getting sick every two weeks.

When a friend recommended I try NZ Fulvic to help rebuild my immunity system, I was willing to try anything! Fast forward 5 months and I am proud to say I have been fighting fit since my first Fulvic shot.

Batya S

I suffered constant colds, sore throats and general unwellness ever since I moved to SG. Since taking NZ Fulvic in Sept 2017 I have not had one cold or been unwell which is a record for me!

I enjoy a 30ml dosage daily, it gives me a great kickstart each morning.

Love it!


For me I see immediate benefits of to my immunity. I can’t say how many times that I’m on the brink of getting sick and NZ Fulvic would come to the rescue.

I'd double dose for a couple of days & I would feel a lot better & symptoms of cold/flu would disappear. Really amazing!

Taking a bottle with me during travels is a must, too!