Everything You Want To Know About Fulvic Acid

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Fulvic Acid is a natural ingredient that has been used as a health tonic supplement in traditional medicine for many years. Taken daily, it recharges your cells through nutrient absorption to energise your body as well as support gut health and a healthy immune system.

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What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic Acid is an active component of hummus; the sweet-smelling organic goodness that creates the healthy, fertile top layer of the soil. Fulvic nourishes plant life by dissolving inorganic materials (like iron) found within the soil and then transporting these to plant cells, allowing plants to extract the maximum nourishment from the soil around them.

Are Humic and Fulvic the same?

Humic and Fulvic are similar, but don’t get them confused. There are a few key differences. Humic is ‘Bound’; metals and minerals are bound to its molecules. The darker, the more it’s carrying.

Unlike Humic, Fulvic is ‘Unbound’; yellow in colour, it has no bound minerals or metals, making it extremely light and exceptional at carrying nutrients. The lighter, the purer.

How does it work?

The structure of Fulvic Acid means it can easily penetrate living cells to deliver an ‘electrolyte charge’; consuming as little as 20ml per day supplies essential minerals, removes toxins, helps to normalise cell function as well as increase the absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat and the liquids you drink.

Why does the world need it?

Fulvic was originally intended to be consumed through plants, vegetables, and other foods grown in the soil. In recent years, agricultural intensification and an increase in the number of chemicals used in the growing of crops has stripped much of the goodness and nutrients from the Earth’s surface, resulting in a 70% reduction in naturally occurring Fulvic levels.

This means much of the food grown today only contains between 20%-30% of the nutrition found in food eaten by our grandparents when they were children, meaning our bodies go without and end up suffering as a result.

How can it help us?

Fulvic Acid helps humans absorb nutrients the same way it helps plants; delivering the essential nutrients and minerals that we need, whilst helping cells to eliminate toxins and remove trace metals from our bodies.

Humans have actually been taking Fulvic as a traditional health supplement for hundreds of years across many cultures including Indian Ayurvbeda and Traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese call Fulvic the Golden Medicine!

These days, Fulvic is usually taken in the form of a tonic or drink; tasteless and completely water soluble in its purest form, it is often combined with mineral water, smoothies, or other cold drinks to deliver maximum benefit.

Why do I need it?

Numerous studies have so far reported that Fulvic Acid works to support the immune system, improves the uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for better gut health, and delivers a natural energy hit that gives our bodies that little bit extra when they need it the most.

Supplementing with a daily dose of Fulvic can also help with the oxygenation of blood, supports healthy brain function, provides natural anti-wrinkle action by helping to prevent the loss of collagen, serves as a powerful antioxidant – and so much more.

What are the benefits?

Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring substance created from millions of small beneficial microbes, full of antioxidants, amino acids, and essential nutrients for our bodies. It was once rich in our soils and crops but has since diminished alongside the frequent use of pesticides, fertilisers, and poor agricultural practices, leaving our crops containing very little in the way of nutrients and minerals.

Supplementing your diet with a daily dose of Fulvic Acid can improve your body’s access to these vital nutrients and minerals. In fact, numerous studies have associated Fulvic with a rich array of health benefits. Check out a selection of these below.


Your body works smarter, not harder with Fulvic. It helps recharge and reinvigorate, delivering a natural energy hit that aids the body’s ability to perform at its best and give it that little bit extra energy when it needs it the most.

Gut Health

Fulvic’s unique bio-absorption properties aid the body’s access to vital nutrients and minerals; improve the ratio of good to bad gut bacteria, positively support digestion and weight loss, as well as bloating and constipation.


The rich source of trace minerals found within Fulvic helps to promote probiotics and prebiotics within the body, improving the uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which aid in the response to allergens, stress, colds, as well as general feelings of unwellness.


Fulvic appears to support every stage of cellular rejuvenation, allowing minerals to regenerate within cells. This provides natural anti-wrinkle action for sun-damaged and ageing complexions by helping to prevent collagen degradation.

Athletic Recovery and Blood Oxygenation

By enhancing the supply of oxygen to soft tissue cells, muscles, and organs, Fulvic supports the oxygenation of blood which improves energy production, overall endurance, and supports improved exercise recovery.


As one of nature’s most powerful poly-electrolytes, Fulvic balances and energises biological properties within the body to supply cells with a super charged electrical current – awakening and energizing the cell.

Antioxidant and Detoxifier

Fulvic is rich in antioxidants and works as a detoxifier, binding to and clearing heavy metal and pollutants from the body. It also balances the body and reduces cellular damage by neutralising harmful free radicals.


Metals, minerals, and other inorganic materials are dissolved and then transported by Fulvic around the body, significantly increasing the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients delivered to your cells.

Brain Function

Rich in antioxidants and nutraceuticals, Fulvic removes harmful toxins and reduces the effects of cognitive disorders caused by free radicals to support healthy healthy brain function, mental alertness, and a calm state of mind.

What makes Fulvic Acid found in New Zealand so special?

New Zealand, a landscape once blanketed in lush, fertile forest, has uncovered a new Fulvic seam. Located in the country’s South Island, this Fulvic has remained untouched for millions of years, making it one of the purest the world has seen.

NZ Fulvic Testimonials

Basically, the benefits I have seen is increased energy, my eyes are clearer as is my skin. I’ve also noticed that I get less stomach complaints.

Something that has always bothered me in my time here!


We were lucky enough to try NZ Fulvic for the past 10 weeks and are thrilled at the results. It’s detoxifying, speeds up metabolism and aids the absorption of essential nutrients.


Great mornings start like this. NZ Fulvic replenishes our bodies with essential minerals, helping to absorb nutrients, support immunity, increase energy and cleanse the body of toxins.

For the past month I’ve been having a shot of this tonic every morning and have noticed a real difference in my mental clarity and alertness!